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Full Make Up for only 21€ || Collab with

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Do you guys remember the 20€ or $15 make up challenge? Now I don't know if it's still a huge thing but I remember that some years ago it was a popular challenge on youtube. I really loved the videos and I always was a bit jealous because they really got a big amount of make up. Maybe you know that make up is quite expensive where I live and we don't have a lot of cheap make up brands so I always thought I could never buy a full face make up for 20€. When I got in touch with Jen Moore from Bargainmakeup and she told me about the challenge I thought I would fail. I have never tried to buy make up for only 21€. I accepted the challenge and just went for it. Sometimes is was quite funny, sometimes it was quite stressful. I tried to only buy new products which I don't already own. Let me tell you that at the end I thought I would fail but I didn't. I bought a full face make up for 21€ and I like all of the products I bought. I didn't buy any brushes because I totally focused on the products.

Erinnert ihr euch noch an die 20€ oder $15 Make Up Challenge? Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob es noch so berühmt ist, wie vor ein paar Jahren, aber ich mochte diese Challenge wirklich. Ich war immer ein wenig eifersüchtig, weil die Blogger und Vlogger so viel Make Up für so wenig Geld gekauft haben. Vielleicht wisst ihr, dass Make Up bei uns eher teuer ist und ich habe nie geglaubt, dass ich für 20€ ein Full-Face-Make-Up kaufen könnte. Als ich von Jen Moore von Bargainmakeup kontaktiert wurde und sie mich über die Challenge informierte, dachte ich ehrlich ich würde versagen. Ich habe die Challenge angenommen und bin einkaufen gegangen. Manchmal war es spaßig, manchmal hatte ich ganz schön Stress. Ich habe versucht Produkte zu kaufen, die ich noch nicht besaß. Am Ende bin ich fast gescheitert, aber ich habe es schließlich geschafft. Ich mag wirklich alle Produkte. Pinsel usw. habe ich nicht gekauft, weil ich mich total auch das Make Up konzentriert habe.

all products make up challange


KIKO Sunproof Powder Foundation SPF 15 - Light

foundation make up challange


Deborah 24 Ore Eyebrow Pencil -281

eyebrow makeup challenge


KIKO Crystal Eyeliner - 03

eyeliner makeup challenge


Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

mascara make up challange


Wet n Wild Lipstick - E902C Bare it All




from left to right: 1. lipstick 2. eyeliner 3. eyebrow pencil
The foundation is a bit orange but combining it with a good powder it looks good and in summer when I'm tanned it looks good. The coverage is light and you don't even need a powder to fix it.
The eyebrow pencil suits my eyebrow colour really good.
The eyeliner from KIKO is from one of their LEs so I don't know if you can still get it. The colour is beautiful and it stays on for quite a while.
The mascara is a really good pick if you're searching for something cheap. You can't compare it with a Maybelline one but it makes my lashes look good in a natural way.
The lipstick is the product I'm most happy about. If heard a lot about the wet n wild lipsticks and for some euros you get a long lasting and great looking lipstick. I really like the colour of my one and I'm definitely going to buy more.

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