Wednesday, 22 July 2015

HOW TO Achieve Your Goals

This year has been a bit of a struggle to this point and it's not over yet. I set myself a punch of goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. Most of the goals were exams and until now I passed all of them. I had two Ski Instructor exams, I passed the PLIDA exam and right now I'm studying for the theory exam of the driving license. I thought I could share some of the things that are really important to me if I want to achieve something. Maybe they help you too.

1. Focus

You need to focus on your goal and everything you need to do to achieve it.

2. Concentrate

Without concentration it's hard to work for your goal. Find out how you get concentrated the best and what you need to do to keep your concentration on a level. I really like to listen to music.

3. Be Realistic

Don't set yourself goals you can never achieve. Set yourself small goals that you are sure you can achieve. Always be realistic.

4. Get Help

If there is somebody that can help you, ask him if he would. A coach or a teacher can help you a lot. A teacher can tell you special tips and trainer can tell you what you need to do better and what you do wrong.

5. Work Hard

Most importantly you need to work really hard. Don't be lazy and just do it.

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