Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Favourite SUMMER Nail Polishes

My favourite Nail Polishes for Summer

I really love nail polishes and particularly the ones from KIKO. They are cheap and you can get nearly every colour. The texture is really good and it's really simple to apply them. If you look at the packaging they are really similar to the Essie ones and I also think that you can use them as dupes. All of the KIKO nail polishes cost 2.50 € and less.

KIKO Nail polish


Nail Polishes from KIKO

359 Light Peach

KIKO 359 Light Peach

360 Strawberry Pink

KIKO 360 Strawberry Pink

389 Mint Milk

330 Lilac

KIKO 330 Lilac

339 Cornflower

KIKO 339 Cornflower

297 Acid Green 

KIKO 297 Acid Green

As you can see they're all really bright and I just love them. 
If you're interested in the KIKO nail polishes, you can find them HERE

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