Thursday, 12 February 2015

"Eva for Loverly” || New Collection

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Today is the day. Loverly is launching its first collection and I'm honoured to show you the new dresses. The collection includes bride and bridesmaid dresses and was co-designed by Eva Franco. The collection features short, full-length dresses and jumpsuits in lush textures and fabrics like lace, jacquard and chiffon.
If you're interested you can check out the Loverly website:
Loverly is a great website to plan your wedding too. It's like Pinterest.


“This collection combines
Loverly’s data - the colors,
styles, and textures that
brides are searching for -
with Eva Franco’s stunning
vintage-inspired aesthetic.
And the result? On-trend
dresses, jumpsuits, and
separates for brides and
bridesmaids that can be
worn again and again.”

-Kellee Khalil

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“I’m always falling in love
with fabrics, patterns,
and textures I find at flea
markets and antique shops
across Los Angeles and
around the world. It’s that
hint of vintage combined
with classic cuts and styles
that make this collection an
absolute must-have. ”

- Eva Franco

Studio Session - Loverly-2431
What I really like about this collection is that you have a lot of range from short to long. The dresses are simple but great for every wedding. You can wear them at outside and inside weddings. I also believe that every wedding dress would look even better next to these bridesmaids' dresses.
I like both dresses but I prefer the Navy Blue one. I just like the colour and the dress is just beautiful.



I'm a big fan of simple dresses and in this collection you can find a lot of them. I think that with a simple dress looks great on everybody. Also the jumpsuits are simple and beautiful. The style is a bit vintage but also fashionable, what makes the whole collection timeless.


Studio Session - Loverly-2472 (1)

I think I couldn't choose a dress or jumpsuit if I had to. I like every colour and I think you could also wear those dresses for prom or other occasions. When I look at some of the dresses I think of the sea and the beach. When I look at other dresses I see a snow covered landscape. These dresses are all so different. Each one is unique and that's another reason why this collection is so special and beautiful.
Another thing, which is awesome, is that they ship worldwide. So it doesn't matter where you're from, check out this collection and you are finding the perfect dresses for sure.

Check out the whole collection here:

Which dress do you like the most?

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  1. Beautiful!
    Great post :)

  2. The blues Dresses are gorgeous.

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog. I'm giving away beauty products of a value of 200€. Come and see and maybe enter <3

  3. Davvero fantastici i primi in pizzo. Ma anche quelli in bianco non scherzano. Adoro la semplicità e l'eleganza di questi abiti!

    Follemente Fashion

  4. Those dresses are amazing.:)))))


  5. sono bellissimi questi vestiti!!
    se i va mi seguiresti sul mio blog:

  6. Hola!!! Están hermosos los vestidos!!!
    Saludos desde Rep. Dom

  7. strong collection, I think any woman across the globe will fns something that suits their bodies, styles and personality

  8. Those are so lovely!

  9. collection of very beautiful and tender, love it. have a nice day

  10. very nice collection :)


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