Wednesday, 4 June 2014

One LOVE, One RHYTHM (The 2014 FIFA World Cup Offical Album)

On 12th June the FIFA 2014 World Cup kicks of and what's football without music?
The new album is already out and you can also listen to it on Spotify.
The album title is really great. I always feel like the feeling of solidarity gets bigger during sport events, like the Olympic games or the FIFA World Cup. During this events it doesn't matter where you're from which I think is also the message of this album.
The songs are catchy and make you dance. While listening to the music you really feel like being in Brazil. The songs have a special rhythm and are sung in English and Spanish. Popular stars like Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Avicii are on the record as well as unknown artists.
I really like this record and every time I listen to it I want to get up and start dancing. If you haven't already listened to it do it! You won't regret it.

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