Friday, 9 May 2014

HAUL → Terranova, Benetton, Salomon

I got some new fashion items and I want to show you what I got.

The other day we were in this one shop called Terranova and seriously it's an amazing shop. You can get awesome things really cheap. You can buy jeans and sweatshirts for less than 20€! They also have an online shop if you prefer buying clothes online →

All the clothes I got were on sale! At the moment you can get up to -70% online and in store.

First of all I got this amazing sweatshirt, which I'm searching for a long time now. I never found the right one or they were really expensive. I paid 19.99€, which isn't a lot. I really like the material and I think it's perfect to wear in summer but in winter too. I really like this style.

The next things I got are jeans. Both are really stretchy and they are super comfortable. I only paid 14.99€ for each. I bought the lighter one because I have none in this colour. I wear light and dark jeans and I really like both.


blue jeans

For Easter I got this spring jacket. My mother bought it at Benetton for 60€ I think. It isn't thick and really nice for hotter days. I really like this parka style and I also got a winter parka this winter, which I wore everyday. I wear this jacket for everything. You can combine it with everything.

military jacket

Benetton jacket

I really like the new bag my sister got for Easter. Everybody is having one at the moment and I don't know how the original ones are called but she got it at Benetton for 59.99€. It's really big and elegant. I'm so jealous when we wears it because I want a bag like this too.


Must Have

black bag

benetton bag

I also got new shoes. I really like these and for more than 8 years I have got Salomons. When you're walking a lot these are the best. They're also perfect for mountain climbing. They are Gore Tex so you don't get wet and they have a Vibram sole. These shoes are really comfortable and I love the colour. I had them in grey and I decided to go for more colour this time.



Salomon trekking shoes

hikings in the mountains

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