Monday, 12 May 2014

And 12 points go to...Austria!

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If you watched the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday you will know her. And if not this is Conchita Wurst.
Seriously I never enjoyed watching the show as much as I did this year. There were a lot of amazing songs and I added some also to my Spotify playlist :)
I will just reflect some of the songs and performances.

Fist of all Italy.
I normally don't like the Italian act but this year it wasn't bad. Emma Marone performed really good. The song isn't bad too. I just think the problem is the language. If you understand the song you love it! It's powerful and rocky. I really don't understand why Italy always has to send an Italian song. C'mon sing in English and you will get more points. I also think if she had sung it in English, Italy would have been in the top 5. When the audience understands the song it votes for it but the performance was really good.

Second in my list, Malta.
I didn't expect this song. It's catchy and amazing. It has a simple message and it's amazing. The performance was amazing too. I think it could get a new hit. The guitar and the voices match perfectly. The performance was incredible too. Malta became 23rd and they would have deserved more points. I wasn't the only one who liked this song. But I have to say well done Malta.

Next is Finland.
How I enjoyed this performance. I'm a boy band fan but I also liked the song. And the lead singer of Softengine has an incredible voice. When I listen the song now I fell so calm and I feel that I have to sing along. They became 11th and I don't understand why. They never got more than 7 points! More countries should send boy bands if they are so good. This song is amazing. I love it!

Next one is Sweden.
They already won two years ago and I didn't expect a song like this. It's beautiful! I also have to say that I was on Twitter the whole time and nearly everybody on my timeline loved the song. It's a beautiful ballad and Sanna Nielsen has a gorgeous voice. Her performance was simple but great. They were the favourites and became third which is pretty good. I must confess that I hoped they don't win because the already won two years ago.

An other great song, the Netherlands.
It's a country song and at first you may think it's sung by Taylor Swift. I love this song! I am a fan of country and this is one of my new favourites. It's sung by a woman and a man and their voices match perfectly. If you just rate the song this one is the best of the whole competition. They became second and I think they have to be content with the result. I would love to hear more songs like this at the Eurovision Song Contest!

And the winner is Austria.
Now Austria seriously smashed it. First of all they had a beautiful song and second of all they send Conchita Wurst. She isn't normal and I think it's good. By the way she should sing the next Bond song. Conchita is a the drag persona and his "normal" name is Thomas Neuwirth. He invented this person and with his performance he showed that it doesn't matter if your straight, gay or lesbian. We all are human. And I'm really proud that Europe voted for her/him and that she/he won. We really set an example and I'm so proud and excited.
You rock Conchita!

"This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom." Conchita Wurst.

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